• 1. I do not have time for classroom program. Is Correspondence Course sufficient to prepare for the exam?

    You are not alone. Most of the aspirants writing this exam do not have time to attend classes. More than 75% of NET aspirants are working somewhere and thus do not have time to attend classes. Second thing, the difficulty level of NET is not very high. Only problem is that the syllabus is very vast. And this is where Human Peritus adds value. We provide you compact content and make you study only what is required. With our Correspondence Course, we make sure that you qualify for the exam with selective study and focused approach.


     2. What if I have doubts?

    You can always email your queries at doubts@humanperitus.com. Our subject matter expers will answer your query.


    3. How much time will it take with our Correspondence Course?

    This depends on your current level of understanding of subject concepts. If you spend 2 hours per day, you can go through study material and test papers in less than 2 months.


    4. Do I need to study any other books?

    No.  No other book is required to be referred. Also you need not go through any other test papers or last year’s papers. We have taken care of everything in our comprehensive course.


    5. When do you update your correspondence course?

    Every 6 months.


    6. If I deposit my fees today, when will I get study material?

    We will courier it to you within one working day. Also we will share with you courier tracking number. Once you get courier tracking number, please track it on DTDC website http://dtdc.com/tracking/tracking_results.asp


    7. I want to enroll for Correspondence Course. What do I do?

    Before you transfer fees to us, please go through our website. We have put up sample study material and sample test paper on website, so that there are no surprises for you later. Once fully convinced, you can follow the enrollment process given on our home page.


    8. Why should I take Human Peritus course? Why I should not study my post graduation books?

    Human Peritus adds value to preparation by 1) Providing selective study material as per syllabus 2) Can be finished in 1-2 months 3) Make you study only what is required 4) Very high quality test papers from which you will get number of questions in actual exam. However if you have time and energy to go through your entire post graduation syllabus, you do not need Human Peritus.


    9. What is success rate of Human Peritus students?

    60-70 % of our students qualify for the exam.

    Still not convinced!! Call us at 9717781110