Tips to Crack UGC NET in Management Subject

We have compiled some last minute tips to help you in cracking NET exam. These are “must do” steps in these 20 days.

Here are some of the things that we have learnt at Human Peritus in last 4 years:

1) Exam is theoretical in nature. You will find hardly any numericals. So focus on theoretical concepts.

2) UGC NET is not an exam like CAT where time management is important. Paper III has 75 questions and 120 minutes. Also paper is theory based. Thus you will see that your paper is over in 50-60 minutes and you are sitting idle in examination hall. So what is important is how much you know and NOT how fast you can solve.

3) There is no negative marking. This means what??  Practice for ELIMINATION STRATEGY. If you can eliminate 2 options out of 4, your chances of being correct is 50% (very high).  If you can eliminate one option out of 4, your chances of being correct are 33 %. Do not attempt even a single question without elimination strategy.

4) Remember that only 50 questions are to be attempted out of 60 for Paper-I. To score high in Paper-I, the secret lies in CHOOSING the 50 questions. So choose your favorite 50 from entire paper and then only start marking in OMR sheet. Few questions of Paper-I are generic in nature and thus it is impossible to study everything. But there are few areas very familiar to you because you prepared for CAT sometime in your life. You should easily target at least 42-43 in Paper-I. Being a management student if you score less than 35 in Paper-I, you should kill yourself.

5) Now that only 20 days are left what can you do? Spend last 20 days in analyzing last year papers. Last years papers are available on Answer key is also available on same website. Do not just solve the paper. Questions are not going to repeat. The concepts are going to repeat. Suppose question is “In which years INTUC was formed?” . Once you find the answer, do not stop there. Google INTUC is associated with which political party? Google which are other trade unions in India? In which year other unions were formed? Like AITUC was formed in 1920, INTUC in 1947, BMS in 1954 and CITU in 1970, HMS in 1948. With this approach we want you to cover all possible questions around Trade Unions. This is how Human Peritus creates content for test series. Have a look at how we have written answers/explantions in attached test paper. With every question, we are making you “learn” concepts.  

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