Questions of our test papers have been very carefully chosen. Our students have scored so high because we make them prepare for only those topics which are specific to CBSE NET. For example, although syllabus of Operations Management is full of numericals, but generally NET has been asking numerical only on one topic, i.e. “Economic Order Quantity”. Similarly one question appears almost every time on “Layout Planning”. Further we see that hardly any question is asked on “Markov Analysis or Duality”. Our experts have identified these insights for entire syllabus. This is the reason student is able to prepare with minimum hours of study with our approach. 


Another core strength of our Test Series is that we have written "detailed" explanation of questions. Thus even if there is a tangential question in actual exam, the students are able to answer that. With this approach, our test series "not only assesses" but also "teaches" new concept with every question. Dont nor forget to check quality of "answer/explanations" of our mock tests. 

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